Author - Paul Evans

Tyler & Kendall

Tyler & Kendall

Earlier this spring, Silver Sound DJ Jason Remaly entertained the guests of Tyler and Kendall at their French Creek Golf Club Wedding Reception.  Some weddings have much more of a party vibe rather than a long dinner party vibe.  This would be one of those weddings, which you can see in the pictures.  Faces smashed with wedding cake, the traditional seduction of the bride performed by the groomsmen, and of course smiling, dancing guests on the dance floor.  You may also notice a violet and pink hue on the walls on most of the pictures as well.  This was made possible by the wall to coverage of uplighting that the newlyweds opted for, 16 LED uplights to be precise.  An increasingly popular option that many of our clients include in their package.

The night didn’t end with the last song of the night.  Guests were guided outside and handed sparklers to give Tyler and Kendall a grand send off to begin their journey as husband and wife.  Congratulations to Tyler and Kendall and thank you for trusting DJ Jason Remaly of Silver Sound DJs to make sure your wedding was an unforgettable celebration!

A very special thanks to the staff at French Creek for their amazing job and also to Zubek-Miller Photography for these stellar images below.

Danielle & Chris’ Reception Downtown

Danielle & Chris' Reception Downtown

Danielle and Chris were referred to DJ Taz Sellers by friends who had Taz at their own wedding and were told that “If you want the party of a lifetime hire DJ Taz.”  Taz met with Danielle and Chris and started the process of helping them plan their dream event.  He consulted with them on the design and look of the lighting as well as effects that would deliver the atmosphere desired.  The final design seen below included 24 wireless RGBAW uplights around the massive Independence ballroom at the Marriott Downtown, two 6.5’ lit totems with intelligent moving head fixtures atop each totem, Dual H2O water effect lights providing a canopy of light on the ceiling above the dance floor and finally dual high powered LED wash lights to flood the dance floor action.

Right after introductions, the floor was packed with 300 guests ready to party.  In the usual Jewish tradition, the crowd reveled in honoring Danielle and Chris with the Hora.

Following that dance set, the crowd was invited back to their seats so that Jim Webber and Arnish from the Marriott could put down an amazing dinner.  While eating dinner  Danielle and Chris had no idea of the BIG surprise waiting in the wings, coordinated by the bridesmaids. Danielle and Chris, like many true Philadelphians, bleed green as gigantic Eagles fans so only the bridesmaids and Taz knew what was about to happen.  Taz got on the mic and asked “With us being in the city tonight I just have to ask how many people bleed green that are here tonight?” The crowd responded with a roar and “fly eagles fly” was played in the background as the crowd sang the fight song.  But then Taz announced “I know that Danielle and Chris are mega fans so I don’t think just the fight song is special enough for this wedding night.   Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Eagles Drum Line Pep Band!” And with that the crowd went insane as the drum line marched into the room and proceeded to perform a 15 minute set.

Once the drum line was done the dance floor exploded with amazing music for the remainder of the evening.

Special Thanks to Jim Weber and Arnish of the Marriott Downtown and their amazing staff along with Michelle of Lafayette Hill Studios for the amazing images

Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah

Saturday, March 21st, family and friends made their way to the Sheraton Great Valley Hotel. They were each greeted by their host, and guest of honor, Rachel as they were led to the Astoria Room to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah.

The ladies were excited and ready to party as soon as they saw the photo booth with props. Guests entered the room to find a beach themed party accented with alternating blue and aqua uplights. The upbeat music was drew everyone to the dance floor Kat Cruz, our dancing party motivator,taught everyone choreographed dance moves to the songs.

Once all of the guests had arrived it was time to introduce Rachel to her anticipating crowd of friends and family. The dance floor instantly filled when DJ Steve dropped the latest Pitbull while introducing Rachel. The ladies danced in celebration to welcome Rachel to her Mitzvah.

The energy level stayed high, even during dinner. The ladies sang along to songs, dedicating them to Rachel. A table of 8 ladies, each wielding their cell phones, spelled “M-A-Z-E-L-T-O-V” on their phones as a picture perfect opportunity to show their love and support for Rachel.

Following dinner we opened with a game followed by the Hora, where her friends cheered and snapped photos as Rachel was hoisted high in the air. The rest of the evening was filled with dancing to old favorites and lots of today’s hits. The night ended with a group photo of Rachel with all her friends celebrating a beautiful milestone in her life to the song Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t.’

Josh & Becca’s Bnai Mitzvah

The Stehle family exited the elevator of the Chester Valley Golf Club and stepped foot on the red carpet that led them past their photo booth into their transformed space, draped with purple and orange. Their eyes wide open and smiles beamed as they entered their beautiful B’Nai Mitzvah celebration. The honorees, Josh and Becca were greeted by our motivational dancers, Lindsay and Spencer, and quickly escorted to the dance floor where their friends awaited them to celebrate their coming of age to the rhythms of DJ Steve Vazquez. From start to finish Josh and Becca were surrounded by friends and family in celebration of their life milestone.  The dance floor was electric as the dancing heated up when Spencer led Josh and the guys in a dance battle against Lindsay and Becca and all of Becca’s ladies.

The night consisted of dancing to modern day pop music as well as old favorites for the parents to enjoy. In addition to the music the guests were engaged in group games. When the Hora was announced everyone gathered on the dance floor and circled around the Stehle family to show love and support for them as Becca, Josh and their younger brother Zach, were all hoisted high in the air as family and friends clapped and cheered in excitement.  Special thanks to our photographers Paul Evans and Louis Olivera for the great pictures below captured that evening.

Josh & Becca’s parents had this to say about Silver Sound: “Our party was absolutely perfect! Everyone involved absolutely exceeded our expectations! Thank you Steve, for your leadership and all that you did to make this an incredibly memorable night for all the kids.”

The Italian Wedding – Nadia Bonsignore & Andrew D’Amico

The Italian Wedding - Nadia Bonsignore & Andrew D'Amico

I met Nadia while DJing her friends reception. Nadia was a natural dancer, she connected with the repertoire. I received a call from Nadia when she was engaged to marry Andrew D’Amico and had chosen the magnificent Hotel Dupont for their celebration.

I met with Nadia and Andrew and learned that they wanted an eclectic selection from Latin Lounge with Samba underpinnings to Sade, as well as authentic Italian Love Songs to the hits of today.

Our new lighting technician, Albert, had picked up a pair of illuminated totems, along with a pair of Chauvet Intimidator Spots 350 pinspots. I made the decision to bring Albert with my illuminated facade and demo the show gratis.

After setup in the Gold Ballroom, I met the couple in the cocktail area. Surprisingly, they were very relaxed.  We took a photo together just before Andrew asked about their entrance. They wanted something special. In ten minutes we choreographed a special entrance and practiced it. They were set to come in with grace and style!

Following the grand entrance were special dances and toasts.  An extensive set of romantic music prefaced what would become a very packed, high-energy dance floor.

The following photos and video tell the story of a stunning ballroom and couple with a dancing crowd adjourned by an elegant colorful lighting system that really made the background pop for the event photographs.

Special thanks to Albert Scarcelle of Elegant Imagery Video Productions for capturing the party.

Special thanks to Ron Soliman for use of his gorgeous images to close out the video.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

When DJ Michael Kane first met Jacqui and Eric, they told that they had a very intricate theme for their wedding day on December 29th.  They wanted to completely transform the inside of the Merion Tribute House into a Winter Wonderland themed Wedding.  The exterior of the estate was decorated by mother nature when snow fell earlier in the afternoon.

This special wedding package featured dual gobo projectors shooting animated snowflake patterns on the ceiling, 16 wireless LED lights set to blue for the entire night, as well as a photobooth for her guests out in the lobby.

The ceremony began in the reception area where the DJ had sound setup hidden behind the curtain onstage and a wireless microphone on a stand for the officiant in front of the stage.  The stage was lined with dozens of White Eucalyptus plants as a backdrop for the service.  Once the newly weds exited the room to Queen’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love,’ guests followed them out for cocktail hour.

While everyone was outside of the room, the catering staff quickly flipped the room to setup for dinner and DJ Michael Kane brought the house lights down, then fired up the blue uplights and focused the snowflake patterns on the ceiling.  It was an impressive sight to leave a room only to return an hour later and see such a grand transition.

As soon as guests finished their entrees, the dance floor filled quickly for a long night of dancing.  There was a short break from dancing for cake cutting, bouquet toss, and a garter wrapped around a pigskin that was hiked into a huddle of bachelors.  One more special moment during the reception was when a groomsmen took the stage and serenaded Jacqui and Eric with his rendition of ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling.’  He was nervous getting on the mic, saying to DJ Michael Kane that he might not be able to finish the song.  But sure enough the audience sang the whole song with him until the very end.  It was a great performance and a special addition to the memories created that night.

Best of luck to Jacqui and Eric and thank you for trusting Silver Sound DJs to bring your vision for your wedding to fruition!

Matt & Kelly’s Multimedia Matrimony

Matt and Kelly chose the Multimedia Package with DJ Paul Evans at the Manor House at Commonwealth.

Just a quick note:  you can expand on your Multimedia Package with Silver Sound DJs, just look at the different options you have to choose from by clicking here.

Two fifty inch plasmas were placed on eight foot truss stands upon which their first dance and cake cutting were displayed along with the dance floor action. During the Father Daughter Dance a DVD of Kelly dancing to “Thank heaven for little Girls” with her father and other Father Daughters many years ago was projected in the background. During dinner, a slideshow was played featuring the bride and groom growing up and while they were dating.  Also the photographers from Joe Craig Photo presented Paul with thirty five of the best ceremony shots and they were projected onto the screens later on during dinner in a same-day edit slideshow. This slideshow is seen below.  Photographs taken by Paul’s assistant, Luke Thompson, were presented throughout the evening for the entertainment of the guests, seeing themselves up on the screens moments later.

Paul said it was a pleasure working with Richard Portney at the Manor House, also fellow member of NACE Philadelphia.  Everything went smoothly with Richard’s stewardship of this special event.  A signature moment at a Paul Evan’s wedding is when Paul will invite the bride onto the dance floor with him for some latin dancing.  This wedding was no exception as Kelly found herself dancing merengue with Paul that night.  Paul remarked, “A fast learner she was.”



During the Father Daughter Dance a DVD of Kelly dancing to

> “Thank heaven for little Girls” with her father and other Father

> Daughters many years ago was projected in the background

Franklin Commons Grand Opening

“It was an honor to be able to work with so many other professionals from within our hospitality industry”, said DJ Paul Evans.  Together with Silver Sound DJ Taz Sellers, Paul and Taz provided both indoor and outdoor sound for cocktails and the Flag Day Ceremony.  “ Eventions provided the mixing board and 4 Wireless Mics and we were up and running for the Flag Day and Grand Opening Ceremony,” said Paul..

Paul chose ‘Coming to America’ by Neil Diamond when the Flag Guard proceeded to the front and closed with a well-timed drum roll and cymbal crash for the cutting of the ribbon for the grand opening.  Singers sang ‘God Bless America’, the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’, and all participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.  An ever-present feeling of patriotism was in the air that day.

Then it was on to the party on the patio as well as inside Franklin Hall.  While Paul played cool grooves on the patio out by the barbecue and the ceremony area, a live band performed inside. From tacos to cigars, Drexelbrook was serving all sorts of amenities.  It’s going to be a great location under the leadership of The Drexelbrook team.  Paul feels the space is very flexible and can envision many new enhancements going forward, including a possible tented area.

A Rockin’ Reception

Hillary and Dennis chose a beautiful day for a garden ceremony at the Dupont Country Club, followed by cocktails on the adjoining patio and dancing in the Crystal Grand Ballroom.  Hillary contacted DJ Paul Evans to add sound service for her ceremony.  She had hired musicians but wanted two additional microphones with amplification.  Paul assured Hillary he could accommodate her vision by providing remote sound, a lapel mic on the officiant that would also pick up the bride and groom as well as a wireless handheld mic on an adjustable stand for the  readers.  The plan was executed perfectly making for musicians and readers alike to sound loud and clear.

The Bridal Party was a lively bunch as you can see from the images below.  They entered the reception with inflatable instruments and flashing LED glasses.  Notably, when Hillary and Dennis walked in, the entire bridal party jammed out on their instruments to ‘Shook Me All Night Long’ (the whole song) before Hillary and Dennis had their first dance. Hillary had a wide-eyed expression on most of the evening, conveying that this bride came to party!

The Dupont Country Club has a large wooden dance floor to accommodate lots of dancers, great acoustics, and a friendly well-trained staff. The ballroom has an overlooking balcony from which to throw the bouquet from as well as to project a custom monogram down onto the ballroom dance floor. DuPont Country Club offers a wide area between their golf course and garden to hold ceremony indoor/outdoor cocktail hour and reception.  You could say it is a multifaceted location ideal for a large and scenic wedding celebration like Hillary and Dennis had.

MaryBeth & Frank’s Reception at Cescaphe

DJ Paul Evans was the Silver Sound DJ selected by Marybeth Colangelo and Frank Peterson after they had a meeting. “Cescaphe is a unique location because everything is done BIG”, says Paul. Paul was very enthusiastic, taking pictures throughout the night. After a warm welcome from Megan and Mike, he got to work setting up on the upper level where they sport an incredible h’orderves presentation.  Following dinner was a dazzling flambé and dessert presentation to die for. Paul regrets not getting photographs of the seafood presentation because the shrimp bar extended over 10-feet featuring  jumbo shrimp, crab claws, lobster tail, clams on the half shell and more.

Cescaphe also provided a large and very prominent custom monogram of the couples initials that was projected on the wall for all to see. Once the party started Marybeth and Frank were out on the floor with their guests all night. At the end of the night a young nightclub DJ, Joey Yannizzi, jumped on and performed a special guest DJ set on Paul’s console. The dancing ended on a strong note at midnight with this energetic crowd finishing out the night dancing to ‘Sexy and I Know It’ by LMFAO.