Back to School Dance 2010

VJ Gaetano Bosco redefined the definition of ‘Back to School’ for these students, as he had over 2,000 sets of hands in the air for the entire evening to start off the 2010 school year.  This deluxe showcase featured a giant video screen that could be seen from the far ends of the gymnasium which featured live footage of the students as well as cutting edge music videos being mixed with precision by VJ Gaetano Bosco.  An elaborate light show consisting of moving heads, color bars, strobes and more cascaded down on the sea of students as they were rocked by the thumping  6-point sound system.

Spring Fling 2010

VJs Paul Evans and Jason Remaly played the latest hot hit music videos while keeping an eye on the content, switching to the crowd camera, and projecting the dancers up onto the screen.  Big JBL sound, LED and moving head lights, with a big fat Super Strobe and Wildfire Blacklights kept this spring fling jammin for three colorful hours!