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Senior Prom 2011 at The Presidential

Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans and DJ Taz Sellers put on quite a performance for the seniors at a prom last week at The Presidential.  The room was surrounded with synced uplighting moving to the beat of the music. An array of moving head lights and LED panel lights were suspended from a truss towering over the hundreds of attendees flooding the room with vibrant colors.  The 15,000 watt JBL sound system was cranking out hit after hit while the stretch video screen complimented the music with respective music videos.  DJ Taz was a co-MC at the event and assisted with capturing the photos and video footage shown below.  If you’d like your school to have an multi-media production like this one featured, simply visit www.silversound.com/requestquote today!


Another Great Homecoming Dance

Silver Sound launched another successful Multimedia Nightclub Production at one of the top schools in Pennsylvania.  It required a team of 5 to execute a large scale production such as this.  The star of the night was VJ Gaetano Bosco bringing his nightclub mixing style to the table.  He had all the current and classic hits thumping through towers of speakers backed by sub-woofers and music videos on a large projection screen suspended above.  DJ Paul Evans, professional photographer Marisol and DJ Kyle Henrick assisted with photography and videography enabling  students to see themselves on the big screen while the prom was progressing.  There was even a member of our team responsible solely for the intelligent lighting show that reflected the energy of the music Gaetano was dishing out.  Early in the evening there was a wonderful display of different dance styles performed by two very talented guest dancers.  Later on, MC Josia grabbed the mic and lead some 1200-1500 students in ‘The Cha-Cha Slide’ followed by ‘The Cupid Shuffle.’  But nothing was more impressive than that climactic moment when the confetti canon was fired raining streamers over the whole crowd.  These students will always remember this dance as the night that their school gymnasium was transformed into nothing short of a major nightclub.

Fall 2010 Homecomings

Silver Sound DJs has been sending out it’s top notch DJs to cater to the biggest Homecoming Dances in the area this season.  Some notable highlights shown in the pictures below are DJ Paul Evans’ Confetti Canon, DJ Jason Remaly’s towering light and sound setup, and DJ Gaetano Bosco keeping over 1500 students dancing and singing all night.

Back to School Dance 2010

VJ Gaetano Bosco redefined the definition of ‘Back to School’ for these students, as he had over 2,000 sets of hands in the air for the entire evening to start off the 2010 school year.  This deluxe showcase featured a giant video screen that could be seen from the far ends of the gymnasium which featured live footage of the students as well as cutting edge music videos being mixed with precision by VJ Gaetano Bosco.  An elaborate light show consisting of moving heads, color bars, strobes and more cascaded down on the sea of students as they were rocked by the thumping  6-point sound system.

Spring Fling 2010

VJs Paul Evans and Jason Remaly played the latest hot hit music videos while keeping an eye on the content, switching to the crowd camera, and projecting the dancers up onto the screen.  Big JBL sound, LED and moving head lights, with a big fat Super Strobe and Wildfire Blacklights kept this spring fling jammin for three colorful hours!

Senior Prom 2010 – Waterford Room

DJ Paul Evans transformed The Waterford Room into a high energy night club at the request of the Prom Committee Entertainment Chairperson.  Four hundred students turned out and rallied to the hip hop and dance club hits.  Students danced the night away to the beat of a tremendous JBL Array Sound System under a beauitful array of moving head and LED light.

Junior Prom 2010 – Hilton City Line

DJ Jason Remaly brought out his pumping Yorkville sound system with his 18 inch sub cabinets and inovative LED lighting system set up. DJ Jason Remaly rocked this crowd from beginning to end!

Senior Prom 2010 – Sheraton Society Hill

DJ Gaetano in the mix on the legendary “Silver Sound of Philadelphia Sound System,” providing the hottest hits on an incredible sound system.  DJ Gaetano is booking out on on 2010 \ 2011 Homecoming and Prom dates now.

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