Kiersten & Felix’s Reception at Water Works Restaurant

Kiersten & Felix’s Reception at Water Works Restaurant

It could not have been a more beautiful day for the wedding of Kiersten and Felix on the river at The Water Works Restaurant.  This location included a restaurant, pavilion and gazebo all located at the edge of the Schuylkill River and below the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Kiersten and Felix had their ceremony at the gazebo followed by their cocktail hour and reception under the pavilion with adjoining tents on both sides to accommodate 160 guests for a sit-down dinner.  As you can see in the pictures, two 50-inch plasma televisions were under each tent running a slide show that Kiersten and Felix made for everyone to see during cocktail hour and dinner.

Assistance in organizing the details of Kiersten and Felix’s celebration was provided by Megan Kline of Megan Kline Events who you can see arranging name cards in the photos below.  Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans brought a four-speaker sound system. The two outer speakers tilted towards the tents so all music and announcements could easily be heard and understood.  Because Paul was setup with his back to the sunset on the river, the glare was preventing him from seeing anything on his laptop screen.  Thankfully, a custom built visor solved the problem.  As they say “the show must go on.”

Prior to the event Paul met with Megan Kline as well as Sophia Agorastos, facility director,who were on hand for most of the event to make sure all the important logistics and catering played out.  Kiersten and Felix had many guests from New York in attendance.  They wanted a diverse music selection with some NYC Hip-Hop and cool grooves as well as Latin and dance club hits.  There was also quite a bit of Salsa and Merengue Dancing throughout the course of the evening.

DJ Paul Evans, MC Jean Jacques and his brother Sam Jacques all had the distinct pleasure of taking turns dancing with the beautiful bride on her wedding day.  All were impressed with the salsa dance moves of the groom Felix Garcia.  Knowing that Felix and Kiersten wanted to have a very exciting dance party, Paul brought an extra assistant who then doubled as a dancer on the dance floor.  Manny is seen break-dancing at one point and one of the guests couldn’t resist joining him on the floor.  After that Felix was breaking it down while everyone circled around him.

DJ Paul Evans was surprised to look up and see Kiersten airborne followed by Felix and grabbed some quick pics as they rode above the crowd in the seated position.  MC Jean Jacques, who joined Paul Evans to pump up the crowd, gave this wedding everything he had.  It was discovered later that he ended up losing his voice until the following Monday!

Special thanks to Paul’s assistant Bill Burns and Jeans brother Sam for most of the photographs and video below.  Congratulations to Kiersten and Felix Garcia on their new life together!

Silver Sound at Waterworks Restaurant from Paul Evans on Vimeo.


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