Kristen & Jonathan’s Reception at Mendenahll Inn

Kristen & Jonathan’s Reception at Mendenahll Inn

Kristen and Jonathan decided to hold their wedding reception at the prestigious Mendenhall Inn and were excited to work with Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans. It was clear that this was an energetic crowd early in the night during introductions, where the bridal party couples had to upstage the last when announced. The introductions progressed from carrying dates out, to novelty sunglasses, and finally one groomsman who swapped his clothes with a brides maid in the hallway moments before being announced.

The pictures below were taken by Paul as well as his assistant Cal Mitchell who jumped behind the DJ console a few times to mix throughout the night. Cal is currently Paul’s apprentice to become the next great DJ at Silver Sound. We were also given some images from the photographer there that evening, a Mr. Joe Pulcinella of Joe Pucinella Photography. Thanks Joe, great shots!

That night was filled with dancing all night from the newest hits to the classics.  Fathers of the newlyweds Mike and Daniel went out of their way to express their satisfaction with Paul’s services.  Some of these particular songs the parents appreciated were selections from their wedding receptions, like Larry Graham’s ‘One in a Million.’

If you are interested in becoming the newest edition to Silver Sound like Cal, you can click here to read more about what it takes to be a Professional DJ and contact us to inquire.

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