The Italian Wedding – Nadia Bonsignore & Andrew D’Amico

The Italian Wedding – Nadia Bonsignore & Andrew D’Amico

The Italian Wedding - Nadia Bonsignore & Andrew D'Amico

I met Nadia while DJing her friends reception. Nadia was a natural dancer, she connected with the repertoire. I received a call from Nadia when she was engaged to marry Andrew D’Amico and had chosen the magnificent Hotel Dupont for their celebration.

I met with Nadia and Andrew and learned that they wanted an eclectic selection from Latin Lounge with Samba underpinnings to Sade, as well as authentic Italian Love Songs to the hits of today.

Our new lighting technician, Albert, had picked up a pair of illuminated totems, along with a pair of Chauvet Intimidator Spots 350 pinspots. I made the decision to bring Albert with my illuminated facade and demo the show gratis.

After setup in the Gold Ballroom, I met the couple in the cocktail area. Surprisingly, they were very relaxed.  We took a photo together just before Andrew asked about their entrance. They wanted something special. In ten minutes we choreographed a special entrance and practiced it. They were set to come in with grace and style!

Following the grand entrance were special dances and toasts.  An extensive set of romantic music prefaced what would become a very packed, high-energy dance floor.

The following photos and video tell the story of a stunning ballroom and couple with a dancing crowd adjourned by an elegant colorful lighting system that really made the background pop for the event photographs.

Special thanks to Albert Scarcelle of Elegant Imagery Video Productions for capturing the party.

Special thanks to Ron Soliman for use of his gorgeous images to close out the video.

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