Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah

Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah

Saturday, March 21st, family and friends made their way to the Sheraton Great Valley Hotel. They were each greeted by their host, and guest of honor, Rachel as they were led to the Astoria Room to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah.

The ladies were excited and ready to party as soon as they saw the photo booth with props. Guests entered the room to find a beach themed party accented with alternating blue and aqua uplights. The upbeat music was drew everyone to the dance floor Kat Cruz, our dancing party motivator,taught everyone choreographed dance moves to the songs.

Once all of the guests had arrived it was time to introduce Rachel to her anticipating crowd of friends and family. The dance floor instantly filled when DJ Steve dropped the latest Pitbull while introducing Rachel. The ladies danced in celebration to welcome Rachel to her Mitzvah.

The energy level stayed high, even during dinner. The ladies sang along to songs, dedicating them to Rachel. A table of 8 ladies, each wielding their cell phones, spelled “M-A-Z-E-L-T-O-V” on their phones as a picture perfect opportunity to show their love and support for Rachel.

Following dinner we opened with a game followed by the Hora, where her friends cheered and snapped photos as Rachel was hoisted high in the air. The rest of the evening was filled with dancing to old favorites and lots of today’s hits. The night ended with a group photo of Rachel with all her friends celebrating a beautiful milestone in her life to the song Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t.’

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