Kiley & Eric’s Wedding at Winterthur

Kiley and Eric chose beautiful Winterthur’s Reflecting Pool to hold their ceremony and reception.  Dancing was held on the lower level while cocktails and catering were up around the pool. Lighting was provided by Eventions with Amber Gold breakup patterns.  Ryan Winter and crew were accommodating in providing ample power to Silver Sound for our sound and lights. Ben Amaril was in town with DJ Paul Evans, who expeditiously setup 3000 watts of sound, to which photographer Tom Feehly said, “This is the best DJ sound I’ve ever heard.” Likewise, Paul Evans said “Tom is an incredible artist and I can’t wait to see the images.”

Knowing that Kiley’s Dad loves Sarah Brightman, Paul put on ‘All I ask of you’ from ‘Phantom of the Opera’ early on,  and later after the welcome toast he danced with his daughter to ‘Time to say Goodbye.’ Being that the Kolb’s are from Alabama, you can imagine the reaction to ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’  In fact, the dancing was pretty strong all night and particularly at the end, with many people clapping and cheering. A good time was had by all.

Special thanks to Jen Lamb at Winterthur who sent the security to find DJ Paul Evans, who got locked behind a security gate on a dead end country road not recognized by GPS.

Kristina & Nathan’s Wedding Reception at Trust

Kristina and Nathan were referred to Silver Sound by Trust. DJ Paul Evans was assigned to the production, a six-hour reception spanning two floors. A diverse selection of music, from the classics to modern dance to Italian to Arabian and Irish. According to Paul, “We switched a few things around to accommodate some curve balls.  Working with Jerry from Perfect Setting and getting permission from Father of the Bride, Dave Gambone, we were setup on the floor right where the action was.”  Christina said she couldn’t believe that it was 10:30pm and she only had a half hour to go. Despite arranging a six hour reception she wanted more time to celebrate. The Mother of the Bride, Susan, provided the Arabian music while Paul supplied the Italian tracks on for the Gambone side of the family.  Nathan wanted some Irish Music so he and his friends could perform their Irish Jig.  Paul said it was a demanding crowd with diverse music tastes so he and his assistant Ben made sure to cover all the bases.


Heather & Tim’s Wedding Reception at Hotel DuPont

Heather and Tim chose the Du Barry Room at the Hotel Dupont. Cocktails were downstairs in the Christina Room, where DJ Paul Evans and his assistant set up a separate sound system featuring a mix of songs the couple selected. The guests moved up the spiral staircase to the main party room. Heather was concerned that a planned dance set between courses might fall flat on participation. Paul called Heather and Tim to the dance floor and asked everyone to gather around and bow their heads in a solemn moment of silence.  To their surprise, this was just to lure them onto the dance floor so DJ Paul Evans could suddenly hit the crowd with ‘Gotta Feeling’ by the Black Eyed Peas. As the dance song kicked in he implored everyone to clap their hands and follow Tim’s lead dancing with Heather. The set took off and went fifteen minutes strong until the main course was served. An exceptional part of the evening was the Flambe served up by the incredible wait staff under the direction of Kim and Alan at the Hotel Dupont. With the lights dimmed down for the moment, Paul played the Talking Heads, ‘Burning Down the House,’ as the Flambe’s were wheeled out to be served to the guests.

After a Penn State Sing Along, Paul played Zombie Nation for the graduates who chanted their school name. Later on, a real party ensued finishing strong with everyone chanting one more song on the dance floor. The very last song Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole was themed for Heather and Tim’s Hawaiian Honeymoon.



Silver Sound Wedding Reception at Hotel DuPont from Paul Evans on Vimeo.

Justin & Marissa’s Wedding

Marissa and Justin were in need of a DJ well versed with Latin Music and all the latest high energy dance music. Meeting with them, DJ Paul Evans was confident that he could bring them the music mix they needed. Marissa and Justin chose beautiful Deerfield Country Club as the location for their ceremony and reception.  When Paul arrived with Silver Sound DJ Taz Sellers, they thought “how beautiful, how spacious.”  Tall ceilings, white pillars, everything was so clean and new looking. Marissa and Justin chose to enhance the look of the room with an up light package.  Fourteen LED color bar up lights were lined around the room and augmented by DJ Paul Evans water, laser and LED panel lights for the dance floor and ceiling.

There was a cocktail hour featuring romantic Latin love songs from artists such as Luiz Miguel and Alejandro Fernandez.  Everyone took their seats for the ceremony which was held right on the dance floor. Paul thought this was very easy on the guests and the couple because right after their vows, they were able to go  right into their first dance as husband and wife, ‘Halo’ by Beyonce.  This dance was immediately followed by the parent dances and then into Merengue to get everyone on their feet.

Another special treat during the evening is when our groom, Justin, and his friends performed a couple numbers live on guitars, bass, and vocals for an appreciative audience.

As the sun went down the up light colors became richer, more prominent and were set to sound-active mode. You can see in the images and video below that the crowd connected very well with the music played throughout the evening.  If you were in attendance that evening you would have heard Salsa, Cumbia, Dance Hits, Hip Hop, and a Mexican Line dance that had a full dance floor moving until the very last note.

Working with Steve Gergis the Maitre’D was a great experience.  He is well liked by his staff and on his game, making sure everyone has everything they need.  Special thanks to Silver Sound DJ Taz Sellers for the great pictures provided and please enjoy the high energy video shot by DJ Paul Evans.

Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans at Deerfield Country Club from Paul Evans on Vimeo.


Lindsay & Chad Luzier Wedding Reception

Lindsay and Chad live in Baltimore, MD. However, they chose the scenic The Baywood Greens in Longneck DE for their Ceremony and Reception. It was blue skies over the beautifully landscaped gardens, causeways with a lake with an arched bridge as a backdrop for the Ceremony. Due to the distance constraints, Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans was able to utilize Skype to conduct a client consultation. He was excited to be chosen despite the distance and pledged to bring great sound and lighting. Will was on hand with Paul to capture some of the moments. Nearly 200 images were emailed promptly after the reception while Lindsay and Chad were on their honeymoon to which they replied,
“Thank you so much not only for the beautiful pictures, but also for being our DJ. We had a wonderful time, and cannot thank you enough. We are in Aruba now for the honeymoon and just happened to be checking our email, and it was such a nice surprise to see these beautiful pictures while we are still here! That was very special, so thank you very much!”

There was lots of dancing interspersed with backdrop pictures on the lobby balcony as well as enjoying the breezy view from the ballroom balcony. Special thanks to Lauren Hanna at Baywood Greens, who always has kind words for Silver Sound, mentioning us to her clients. It makes the drive worthwhile to work with such an enthusiastic facility professional surrounded by the most scenic manicured grounds we have ever seen. All the best to Lindsay and Chad and thanks for trusting us from such a long distance.

Lindsay & Chad Wedding Reception at Baywood Greens from Paul Evans on Vimeo.


Meredith & Brian’s Reception at William Penn Inn

Recently Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans was entertaining guests of Brian and Meredith at The William Penn Inn for their reception.  After their grand introduction, Brian and Meredith surprised their guests with a choreographed dance to Michael Bubble’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Paul said it was really great to see them moving so gracefully together. “I had to grab a video clip of it”, thought DJ Paul Evans. The pictures below that illustrate this story were captured by Paul as well as his assistant Will.

Our couple also wanted to entertain their guests with a quiz that Paul Evans gave them sitting back-to-back on the dance floor. Paul asked them questions, such as, ”who controls the TV remote control” and “who puts out the trash?” The person who thought they were in charge lifted their shoe, if they thought the other person usually was in charge, they lifted their shoe. It was an interesting game and the audience was brought to laughter on almost every response.

Meredith and her bridesmaids had it going on dancing and singing together, showing ballet poses and syncopated limbo poses.  During some of the more modern club songs you can see Meredith battling one of her friends on the dance floor. “Brian Walton was one of the most considerate people I have had the pleasure of providing services for” said DJ Paul Evans. ” He was always checking to see that we were ok, that we got something to eat, had everything we needed.”

Working at the William Penn Inn is always a great experience.  Paul had arranged uplights in the stage area in the Carriage room, where the acoustics are excellent. So much so that  you can feel the bass all down the wooden ballroom dance floor.

The night drew to a close with a strong dance floor and like the first dance ended with a dip with a kiss. All the best to our dancing couple Brian and Meredith Walton!

Silver Sound DJs at William Penn Inn from Paul Evans on Vimeo.

Kiersten & Felix’s Reception at Water Works Restaurant

It could not have been a more beautiful day for the wedding of Kiersten and Felix on the river at The Water Works Restaurant.  This location included a restaurant, pavilion and gazebo all located at the edge of the Schuylkill River and below the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Kiersten and Felix had their ceremony at the gazebo followed by their cocktail hour and reception under the pavilion with adjoining tents on both sides to accommodate 160 guests for a sit-down dinner.  As you can see in the pictures, two 50-inch plasma televisions were under each tent running a slide show that Kiersten and Felix made for everyone to see during cocktail hour and dinner.

Assistance in organizing the details of Kiersten and Felix’s celebration was provided by Megan Kline of Megan Kline Events who you can see arranging name cards in the photos below.  Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans brought a four-speaker sound system. The two outer speakers tilted towards the tents so all music and announcements could easily be heard and understood.  Because Paul was setup with his back to the sunset on the river, the glare was preventing him from seeing anything on his laptop screen.  Thankfully, a custom built visor solved the problem.  As they say “the show must go on.”

Prior to the event Paul met with Megan Kline as well as Sophia Agorastos, facility director,who were on hand for most of the event to make sure all the important logistics and catering played out.  Kiersten and Felix had many guests from New York in attendance.  They wanted a diverse music selection with some NYC Hip-Hop and cool grooves as well as Latin and dance club hits.  There was also quite a bit of Salsa and Merengue Dancing throughout the course of the evening.

DJ Paul Evans, MC Jean Jacques and his brother Sam Jacques all had the distinct pleasure of taking turns dancing with the beautiful bride on her wedding day.  All were impressed with the salsa dance moves of the groom Felix Garcia.  Knowing that Felix and Kiersten wanted to have a very exciting dance party, Paul brought an extra assistant who then doubled as a dancer on the dance floor.  Manny is seen break-dancing at one point and one of the guests couldn’t resist joining him on the floor.  After that Felix was breaking it down while everyone circled around him.

DJ Paul Evans was surprised to look up and see Kiersten airborne followed by Felix and grabbed some quick pics as they rode above the crowd in the seated position.  MC Jean Jacques, who joined Paul Evans to pump up the crowd, gave this wedding everything he had.  It was discovered later that he ended up losing his voice until the following Monday!

Special thanks to Paul’s assistant Bill Burns and Jeans brother Sam for most of the photographs and video below.  Congratulations to Kiersten and Felix Garcia on their new life together!

Silver Sound at Waterworks Restaurant from Paul Evans on Vimeo.


Magaly & Kevin’s Wedding Reception

Our story begins with our bride, Magaly, when she attended the wedding of Carlo and Jonalyn Pistritto on Jan 15 at the Ballroom at the Ben. She liked the music mix so much, she and Kevin met with DJ Paul Evans and hired him for their celebration. Fast forward to June 17th, 2011 and we begin Magaly and Kevin’s reception at the Brigalias in Sicklerville, NJ.

During dinner Paul bgena the evening with some classic rocks songs from Rod Stewart and Billy Joel. But as soon as he put on some Bachata and Merengue, a Latin Dance party was underway, complete with Salsa and moving along into Latin themed club songs from artists like Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. All line dances from the Cha Cha Slide to the Cupid Shuffle were well received and Paul remembers the crowd young and old really jamming to Rockin’ Robin by the Jackson 5.

A guest requested a Spanish Line Dance that had a Country Western feel with Spanish Vocals. As you can see in the pictures and video below when this song came on everyone on the dance floor were twirling napkins like lassos. Right after that, DJ Paul Evans dropped in the “Mexican Hat Dance,” to continue the napkin twirling.

Magaly told Paul to put on a Conga for the ladies to circle around her and Kevin standing on chairs with Kevin holding her veil, when the song stopped, Paul was to drop in “All the Single Ladies,” and announce the throwing of the garter.

The night was a huge hit and in this particular instance exhibited DJ Paul Evans skill at fusing Latin and American Pop standards together to bring together a mix of people with different musical tastes onto the floor and keep them there!



Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans at Brigalias from Paul Evans on Vimeo.

Samantha & Kevin’s Wedding Reception at The Waterford Room

Silver Sound DJs had another opportunity to rock the highly regarded Waterford Room at The Valley Forge Radisson in King of Prussia, PA. DJ Paul Evans is the voice behind the mix in the video as well as the force behind the beats moving everybody on the dance floor. The bride and groom, Kevin and Samantha, asked for an extensive list of songs that everyone would enjoy at a wedding reception. As you can see in the photos and video they really knew the musical taste of their guests. Notably, ‘Footloose’ drew a great response and went great with the retro sunglasses that were distributed. DJ Paul Evans kept everybody’s feet moving right up until the end of the evening where he closed with a confetti cannon showering over the crowd.


Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans at The Waterford Room from Paul Evans on Vimeo.


Megan & Nathan’s Wedding Reception

This past weekend Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans entertained at the Scanticon Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA for Megan and Nathan.  Paul and his assistant Will setup 10 lights along the window wells throughout the Grand Ballroom washing the walls in beautiful colors.
Megan and Nathan enjoyed a variety of country music, dance music, 80’s and more. Some of Nathan’s family even flew in from Germany for this special day.  More notably, because his relatives learned some English just before their arrival, Nathan had agreed to yodel in front of all his guests at his wedding.  DJ Paul Evans just happened to have a Bavarian yodel for Nathan to yodel along to.  But perhaps the most outrageous part of the night was when Nathan took to the dance floor with his new wife and flamboyantly unveiled his custom tiger skin button down.  At the end of the evening Nathan and three of his friends sang along together a song about friendship.  If you would like to see what Silver Sound DJs can offer you for your wedding day click on the request a quote button at today.


Silver Sound Reception at Scanticon Valley Forge from Paul Evans on Vimeo.