Author - Paul Evans

Eliza’s Sweet 16

Eliza turned sixteen this month and it’s hard to imagine that her or any of her guests will ever forget the party thrown to celebrate it.  There were few, if any, moments that DJ Paul Evans did not have everyone on the dancefloor singing and dancing together throughout the evening.  Paul worked double hard as he doubled as a photographer for this event as well.  This tiki themed party was beautifully assembled by Penncora Productions at the Radnor Hunt Club where we had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside  Jean and her husband.  Mother of the birthday girl, Terry Moran, had nothing but glowing reviews about the island themed celebration.

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American Muscle Car Show

This was a giant event that featured strong cars that required strong sound.  The man for the job to hold all this down was Silver Sound’s very own DJ Paul Evans.  The extent of this concert-level sound included an array of JBL speakers on ground level, each above it’s own subwoofer,  high-elevated JBL line array system speakers towering over the event, and three separate amp racks to power it all.  The result is being able to clearly hear all music and announcements within a 400 yard radius over the roar of these super-charged vehicles.  These 200 beautiful cars were showcased by the equally beautiful American Muscle Models.  This event attracted a surplus of 1,000 spectators and ultimately raised $12,000 for our troops.

Wedding June 25, 2010

The bride of this wedding professed that DJ Paul Evans “(made) our reception a true party and ultimately an evening (her new husband) and (she) will never forget.”  This was mainly due to maintaining a full dancefloor of guests dancing all night, vibrant splashes of LED uplighting all around the room, well-versed speaking on the microphone, and as always professionalism.  Professionalism that spanned  from the first day of planning the wedding until after the wedding where Paul sent the clients his own personal snapshots of their reception.  All the elements to make an unforgettable evening.

Back to School Dance 2010

VJ Gaetano Bosco redefined the definition of ‘Back to School’ for these students, as he had over 2,000 sets of hands in the air for the entire evening to start off the 2010 school year.  This deluxe showcase featured a giant video screen that could be seen from the far ends of the gymnasium which featured live footage of the students as well as cutting edge music videos being mixed with precision by VJ Gaetano Bosco.  An elaborate light show consisting of moving heads, color bars, strobes and more cascaded down on the sea of students as they were rocked by the thumping  6-point sound system.

Spring Fling 2010

VJs Paul Evans and Jason Remaly played the latest hot hit music videos while keeping an eye on the content, switching to the crowd camera, and projecting the dancers up onto the screen.  Big JBL sound, LED and moving head lights, with a big fat Super Strobe and Wildfire Blacklights kept this spring fling jammin for three colorful hours!

Senior Prom 2010 – Waterford Room

DJ Paul Evans transformed The Waterford Room into a high energy night club at the request of the Prom Committee Entertainment Chairperson.  Four hundred students turned out and rallied to the hip hop and dance club hits.  Students danced the night away to the beat of a tremendous JBL Array Sound System under a beauitful array of moving head and LED light.

Junior Prom 2010 – Hilton City Line

DJ Jason Remaly brought out his pumping Yorkville sound system with his 18 inch sub cabinets and inovative LED lighting system set up. DJ Jason Remaly rocked this crowd from beginning to end!

Senior Prom 2010 – Sheraton Society Hill

DJ Gaetano in the mix on the legendary “Silver Sound of Philadelphia Sound System,” providing the hottest hits on an incredible sound system.  DJ Gaetano is booking out on on 2010 \ 2011 Homecoming and Prom dates now.

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