Meredith & Brian’s Reception at William Penn Inn

Meredith & Brian’s Reception at William Penn Inn

Recently Silver Sound DJ Paul Evans was entertaining guests of Brian and Meredith at The William Penn Inn for their reception.  After their grand introduction, Brian and Meredith surprised their guests with a choreographed dance to Michael Bubble’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Paul said it was really great to see them moving so gracefully together. “I had to grab a video clip of it”, thought DJ Paul Evans. The pictures below that illustrate this story were captured by Paul as well as his assistant Will.

Our couple also wanted to entertain their guests with a quiz that Paul Evans gave them sitting back-to-back on the dance floor. Paul asked them questions, such as, ”who controls the TV remote control” and “who puts out the trash?” The person who thought they were in charge lifted their shoe, if they thought the other person usually was in charge, they lifted their shoe. It was an interesting game and the audience was brought to laughter on almost every response.

Meredith and her bridesmaids had it going on dancing and singing together, showing ballet poses and syncopated limbo poses.  During some of the more modern club songs you can see Meredith battling one of her friends on the dance floor. “Brian Walton was one of the most considerate people I have had the pleasure of providing services for” said DJ Paul Evans. ” He was always checking to see that we were ok, that we got something to eat, had everything we needed.”

Working at the William Penn Inn is always a great experience.  Paul had arranged uplights in the stage area in the Carriage room, where the acoustics are excellent. So much so that  you can feel the bass all down the wooden ballroom dance floor.

The night drew to a close with a strong dance floor and like the first dance ended with a dip with a kiss. All the best to our dancing couple Brian and Meredith Walton!

Silver Sound DJs at William Penn Inn from Paul Evans on Vimeo.

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