Jason’s Bar Mitzvah

Jason’s Bar Mitzvah

Amongst several events Silver Sound specializes in, one of the more notable is Bar Mitzvahs.  This past weekend Steve Vazquez entertained for a young man named Jason at the City Line Hilton Hotel with the help of two lovely dancers, Kelly and Jessica, and master of ceremonies Josiah.  Steve Vazquez was crankin’ out the hits while Kelly and Jessica were getting the kids energized on the dancefloor.  Josiah was on the mic bringing his own energy while leading the kids to songs like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

Equally impressive to the talent there was the audio and light setup.  There was an array of different high-energy lights flashing on the ceiling and dancefloor, uplighting splashing color on the back wall and even lights illuminating beneath the skirts of the speakers turning the speakers into lights!

Jason’s mom wrote us stating, “It was a pleasure working with Steve, Kelly, Jessica and Josiah…we were thrilled and felt very lucky to have such an energetic, professional group running our party.” She also mentioned, “He(Steve) saved me by having a copy of Jason’s candle lighting notes, because at last minute I realized I had left my copy in the car…and this all happened moments before the candlelighting was to start! Its details like that that I appreciate, because I really didn’t have to do anything but dance and enjoy our celebration. Thank you so much!”

Nice save Steve!

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